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Развлекательная платформа для криптовалют премиум-класса

Terms of Service

Announcement on the exercise of rights and obligations by members of this platform

  1. Before a member enters this platform to participate in any activities, please be sure to read the various regulations of this platform in detail. Once you enter this website with "agreement", you will be deemed to have accepted all the regulations.
  2. This platform reserves the right to modify any clause of this agreement, and has the final interpretation and ruling right.
  3. This website only provides services to users who meet the legal age, and customers must be at least 18 years old when placing bets.
  4. Attention!! If you find that there are more than one account with the same IP, it will immediately stop accepting all point transactions!
  5. Due to human or system errors caused by unpredictable factors, this platform only uses the content of the member's "game record" as the basis for the calculation results, and this platform reserves the right to make the final ruling.
  6. In the event of irresistible disasters, such as hacking, network problems, system damage and data loss, the final data on this website is the final processing data, and the platform reserves the right to modify the final results.

Each customer can only have one account. If it is found that the customer has multiple accounts, the platform has the right to freeze the customer's account and cancel all winning bets in the account. The platform reserves the right to cancel any amount that causes the account balance to be incorrect. , In addition, if it is found that the account holder and relatives use multiple different accounts together, this platform has the right to restrict each customer to keep at most one account each.

General rules for preferential activities held on this platform: only for the same player, the same contact information, the same IP and the same computer to participate. For abnormal betting behavior, this platform has the right to confiscate profits. The same account / family / household registration address / email address / phone number / payment account number (such as credit card number, etc.) / IP location / shared computer / environmental network ※ People with abnormal IP display prevent money laundering / fraudulent activities / generate no profit Include in the calculation.

In order to maintain the fairness of the game, if a member is found to bet on both positive and negative results in the same round or use illegal software to place bets, the profits and discounts generated during the betting period will be cancelled (the members will be responsible for winning or losing). If such betting is found Players of will cancel their membership and cancel their game accounts. thank you for your support.

Recently, the game hall has encountered criminals placing betting orders by plug-in arbitrage betting. The game hall will return the principal regardless of winning or losing. This platform hereby makes a special announcement, members should not try the law by themselves.

In order to avoid any disputes, customers should check their game currency every time they log in and leave. Each user must check the member account information during all games on this website or before ending the game. If any abnormalities are found , You should contact customer service immediately to verify, otherwise the user will be deemed to agree and accept, all data or historical data of his account shall be subject to the information in the database of this platform, and the user shall not object.

This platform has the right to refuse or not accept the right of any user to log in or participate in all games on this website in any improper way, maliciously through the game website program loopholes, use plug-ins or modify unauthorized game currency and points obtained, which are verified to be true However, the platform will immediately and permanently suspend the right to the user, the illegally obtained game currency and points will not be counted, and the platform will retain the legal retrospective right.

If it is verified that money laundering is suspected of using different accounts to transfer funds or store value in different counties or cities, if you use the stored value system of this platform to conduct external fraud, the platform will freeze or terminate the account and deliver the relevant member information and information according to law. Local criminal investigation office. Members should not try their own way!

Recently discovered that illegal arbitrage groups are maliciously attacking money laundering on this platform, which has violated the regulations of this platform. In the near future, the engineering department will be asked to strictly inquire. Send and lock the IP blacklist and freeze the account, and refund the last amount of stored value. The refund fee must be borne by the member. In order to give the VIPs a good gaming environment, please comply with the regulations. Thank you.

This platform strictly prohibits its agents or staff from opening registered accounts and conducting gambling and betting activities. If such violations are found, the account will be suspended and all operations will be prohibited (all points will be frozen and cannot be used again).

Platform game rules limit

For the VIP customer gaming experience of this platform, the platform has the right to adjust the bonus limit of VIP customer games, but this adjustment is only for entertainment. If abnormal betting behavior (double betting or risk-free betting, etc., etc., please refer to the following instructions), This platform also has the right to lower the red limit without notice.

Risk-free betting

Regarding any event or game (scoring hole) (group betting) (plug-in) (staking situation) and other actions on this platform, regardless of whether the game is paid or not, the platform will delete all bets for the above announcements. Please kindly ask Attention members! Don't try the law by yourself! Win or lose according to platform rules.