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UTOWN is a member of the International Gaming Integrity Association (IBIA) and the International Centre for Responsible Gaming (ICRG), both non-profit organizations responsible for overseeing abnormal betting patterns and possible event manipulation and unfair gaming.

UTA participates fully in the Association's Early Warning System, which specifically identifies all betting behaviours described above.

If UTA receives a warning, UTA reserves the absolute discretion to:

  1. discontinue offering of all markets related to any competition or related game event,
  2. and delay and/or withhold the corresponding payments for all markets on any match or series until such match or series has been confirmed by the Association or the relevant organization as impartial.

In addition, if it is confirmed that unfair manipulation has occurred in any competition or game, UTA may cooperate with relevant regulatory agencies and reserve the corresponding unilateral and absolute discretion to suspend any betting made by the following persons in the above-mentioned events.